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We need you—please sign now!!

Thousands of people have lent their voices to this campaign. Please help us make change happen in 2019!

Everyone On Stage is counting on you to help us get the word out about this campaign. If you agree with us that the chorus and ensemble perfomers that make the Broadway experience happen should be eligible for their own Tony Awards, please do everything you can to support this campaign!


Please sign our petition.

Each week we’re reporting our signature count to the Tony Nominating Committee. We need to keep the pressure on. (It’s friendly pressure—some of the theatre professionals who make these decisions have worked as chorus and ensemble performers themselves!—but it’s important pressure nonetheless.)


Share this campaign on social media. And tell your friends!

Please make sure everyone you know hears about Everyone On Stage! Share our links on Twitter and Facebook, talk about the campaign on Instagram, email your friends, shout it from the rooftops: chorus and ensemble performers deserve Tony nominations!

And please use our hashtag #EveryoneOnStage when you talk about this campaign.


Follow our progress.

You can sign up for email updates and we’ll keep you informed of our progress. For more updates about Everyone On Stage, and other news about professional theatre in the United States, you can follow Actors’ Equity on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


If you’re a theatre professional, you can do more.

If you work in the theatre in the United States, you’re probably in a position to do even more to help this campaign, because of the personal relationships you have and the impact your voice can have on people who make a difference. Please use your voice to reach people who can help us get Broadway’s chorus and ensemble performers recognized by the Tony Awards.

There’s more information here for Equity members and other theatre professionals about things you can do to help.


Support your local theaters!

Wherever you live, one of the most important things you can do to support the  success of chorus and ensemble performers is to buy tickets to see their shows!

When you buy theatre tickets, you support fair pay and working conditions for professional chorus and ensemble performers. That’s important in big cities like New York and Los Angeles and Chicago, but it’s just as important in Atlanta and Dallas and San Diego and Cincinnati and Milwaukee, and every other city where a theatre company stages Equity productions. Please support professional theatre in your community!

And finally—please watch the 73rd Annual Tony Awards on Sunday, June 9th, at 8pm on CBS. The Tonys are Broadway’s biggest night—you should be a part of it!