Chorus and ensemble stories

Grumpy Cat Visits The Broadway Cast of "Cats"
'Cats' cast members on opening night

Imagine Cats… but with only one cat

Left: Cats getting ready for the 2016 premiere of Cats at Broadway’s Neil Simon Theatre.

Ensemble-driven shows like Cats or The Lion King or A Chorus Line only work because everyone in the company comes together to create a complete experience.

Lots of other popular shows wouldn’t make any sense without a full company: stage favorites like Anything Goes, modern classics like Grease and Hairspray, shows like Chicago that portray life on the stage, and literally dozens more.

Why shouldn’t these choruses and ensembles get the same recognition as other performers do?

'Cats' cast members on opening night

This photo, like Cats, is better when everyone’s in it.

Cats wouldn’t be Cats without the contributions of everyone on the stage. Some of the hardest-working performers in the American theatre spend their professional careers in chorus and ensemble roles.

We think the Tony Awards should add awards categories for Best Chorus and Best Ensemble, so that the performers you see in shows like these can have full public recognition for their skill, hard work, and commitment. Please help us—sign our petition!