Chorus and Ensemble Stories

Choruses and ensembles make Broadway happen.

wire whisk

We knew ensemble performance on a theater stage was hard work—but Kimberly’s story from the Beauty and the Beast stage is something else. More >>

Everyone On Stage

The ensemble saves the show a lot more often than you might think. Marjorie tells us about when it happened to her. More >>

The Lion King’s Lindiwe Dlamini supports #EveryoneOnStage! More >>

Rehearsal for West Side Story

Without chorus and ensemble performers, the classic scenes of the American stage would be … well, they’d be a little different. More >>

'Cats' cast members on opening night

Broadway wouldn’t be the same without ensemble performance: it takes everyone on stage to make a great show. More >>

Actors’ Equity honors its chorus performers with its own awards, rituals, and ceremonies. But they deserve Tonys, too. More >>

76th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Some of today’s greatest stars of stage and screen got their start in Broadway ensembles and choruses. More >>

Costume cabinet at the Milwaukee Rep

In plays about plays and musicals about musicals, the power of ensemble performance is even more on display. More >>

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