The Tony Awards should be for everyone on stage.

Why aren’t chorus and ensemble performers eligible?

The 2019 Tony Awards are Sunday, June 9.

Thousands of people signed our petition last year to create new Tony Awards categories for chorus and ensemble performers. The Tonys heard us, but haven’t made the change yet.

Add your voice—and let’s get it done in time for the new Broadway season!

Performers like these deserve Tony recognition!

John Treacy Egan and Kamille Upshaw, on life in the chorus >>

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Photo credits: Mean Girls: Joan Marcus/Boneau/Bryan-Brown; My Fair Lady: Joan Marcus/Lincoln Center Theatre; via NPR. Once on This Island: via UNC School of the Arts.

Once On This Island won a Tony last year for Best Musical Revival, along with the Actors’ Equity ACCA Award for Outstanding Broadway Chorus. Do you think the chorus members in a show like this should be eligible for Tony Awards? We do! More >>

Lindiwe Dlamini has been in the chorus of The Lion King on Broadway since opening night (!).
She has something to say >>

It takes a whole cast to make a great show.


The chorus isn’t optional: Broadway performers know that the success of a show depends on the whole cast. The whole cast should be eligible for Tonys!

How Equity celebrates choruses and ensembles >>


Cats with only one cat? We don’t think so. Broadway’s classic spectacles wouldn’t make sense without their full companies on the stage.

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About Everyone On Stage

We launched Everyone On Stage because choruses and ensembles are integral to the success of Broadway theatrical productions. These hard-working, committed  performers deserve their own awards categories! Learn more >>


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